7 reasons why you should switch to an electric scooter

By: Admin | 02 July 2022

Electric vehicles (EVs) are the requirement of the moment. The need for employing diverse fuels for transportation is expanding more than ever. One of these low-emission options is driving an electric vehicle. Two-wheelers are one of the typical methods of travel in India, and electric two-wheelers are gaining popularity as the impulse for the utilisation of EVs gets louder.

1. The average price of an electric vehicle
In India, you can choose from a broad variety of electric scooters. Electric scooters range in price from Rs. 28,000 to Rs. 1.64 Lakh, with the former being the most affordable. There are numerous brands accessible in the industry and you can pick from any of these. If you want a scooter with a long battery life, our recommendation is to trust on a brand that can give you ownership promise of the battery as well instead of only the vehicle.

2. Battery Capacity of Electric Scooter
The electric scooter contains two types of cells.
1. Lead Acid type / Gel type (VRLA) - These cells may sustain 350 charging cycles.
2. Lithium-ion type-These can persist for more than 1000 cycles of recharging
It is most pleasant to ask the manufacturer’s representative at the retailer’s shop about the promises - Most electric scooters give a guarantee of 3 years, and projected energy of five years for the cell in their e - scooters. Li-ion batteries are commonly seen in electric scooters of this type.

The fact that Li-ion batteries are so much lighter than VRLA batteries is yet another exceptional advantage of using them. As a result, there's a possibility you may simply remove this from the scooter and recharge it with a plug.

3. Maintenance requirements of Electric Scooter
Are you concerned about the upkeep costs of Indian electric scooters? In India, maintaining an electric vehicle such as an e-scooter is currently expensive. The explanation is mostly due to the expense of energy and replacement cost of the battery which has crossed the warranty.

If you factor in the cost of gasoline for a typical vehicle and plan on travelling 100 kilometres, you should budget at least Rs. 150. The electric scooter, on the other hand, will only cost you about Rs. 20 for the same trip. The only distinction here seems to be that you must charge the batteries of the bike.

The lowermost point is that you should not be anxious about the cost of upkeep for an e-scooter. As per the business study, it will be much cheaper than owning a petrol bike.

4. Electric Two-wheelers
In the world of autos, rechargeable two-wheelers are the newest buzzword. With conventional energy supplies dashing out and contamination tiers escalating to toxic levels, a choice to inner burst engines is the necessity of the hour. Electric two-wheelers function cleanly and create zero pollutants, producing them a famous alternative. Currently, the most important challenges faced by electrical two-wheelers are the budget range and recharging innovation. But with expanding innovation, electric bikes and ATVs will gain more appeal soon.

5. Electric two-wheeler coverage cost
Electric two-wheeler coverage is a sort of commercial vehicles that protects two-wheelers that run on power. The policy pays for potential fractures and flips, which might arise in the event of a disaster, a natural catastrophe or fire.

Two-wheeler insurance gratuities are based on various criteria, like the type, age and kilowatt capacity. The insurance fee ranges from Rs. 400 to Rs. 11000 depending on the model you select.

6. Electric scooters require a permit and certification
For all varieties of e - scooters that function with a battery of 250 W engines and a maximal pace of 25 km/h, users would not need a licence. A licence is required for electric scooters with a top speed of more than 25 km/h and a power capacity of more than 250 W.

Many of you might be questioning how else are electric scooters cost-efficient? For a long time, electric scooters were more expensive to buy. However, they can be more cost-effective in the long run than gasoline scooters. Regular recharging on electric scooters keeps the ongoing fuel expense under control. They provide the same amount of range as ICE scooters.

7. Electric scooters help the environment by reducing pollution
Among the simplest techniques to minimise your environmental footmark is to travel emission-free. Because they run on a cell that can be recharged, electric scooters produce no pollutants. They, therefore, do not require you to view a petrol station to fill up your vehicle. An electric scooter is far more environmentally friendly than a petrol-powered scooter.

Cosbike offers you a range of electric scooters because the future is electric. Considering the above mentioned factors, our scooters are cost-effective, nature friendly and efficient.

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