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By: Admin | 29 Sept 2022

Although some current E-bikes still employ brushed engine controllers, brushless motor control systems are now used in the majority of the vehicles marketed today. A controller can be thought of as the E-bike's brain in its most basic form.

By: Admin | 23 Sept 2022

People are searching for a better solution since they are tired of the conventional infrastructure dependent on gas-powered cars. To get around the stalled cars, many people are realising that an electric bike

By: Admin | 19 Sept 2022

Cosbike's is predicated on a commitment to renewable energy, and so being environmentally conscious is important to all that we do as a company. Our ebikes contribute to a more sustainable world

adoption of EV
By: Admin | 16 Sept 2022

If you were to get a new bike or car, should you get an electric one? The answer could depend on a wide range of variables, including the price at which the car or bike was purchased

adoption of EV
By: Admin | 13 Sept 2022

Even though there are many elements involved in rising temperatures, a sizable percentage of the issue is caused by vehicles. By 2040, the planet must be 90% battery-powered to significantly reduce carbon pollution.

adoption of EV
By: Admin | 09 Sept 2022

The elimination of numerous schemes and benefits associated with the purchase of EVs has led to a decline in sales. Authorities in many states are reportedly eliminating the generous incentives that prompted so many people to purchase EVs

EV Manufacturers
By: Admin | 03 Sept 2022

Rising urban temperatures and inadequate heat transfer innovation in EV batteries have been blamed by some for the fires. The weather cannot be held responsible, however.

EV Implementation
By: Admin | 27 Aug 2022

The Indian government is making significant efforts to encourage the use of hybrid vehicles in the nation. The main problems caused by ICE vehicles are the increasing instances of

Electric Vehicles
By: Admin | 22 Aug 2022

A lot of fires are being blamed on the use of electric scooters. Like any other electrical appliance, these are also subject to failure and overheating

EV's battery
By: Admin | 16 Aug 2022

Time and time again, Cosbike has stepped up as a responsible brand and undertaken numerous initiatives to raise customer awareness of the proper use of electric two-wheelers

EV's battery
By: Admin | 13 Aug 2022

The term "Electric Mobility," also abbreviated as "E-Mobility," refers to the shift toward battery-powered electric vehicles from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles.

EV's battery
By: Admin | 10 Aug 2022

The Electric Vehicle’s Future in India, we have only a decade to adjust our energy consumption patterns to prevent the worst effects of climate change.

EV's battery
By: Admin | 05 Aug 2022

You should always follow the directions given by your EV manufacturer whenever it comes to battery preservation.

By: Admin | 29 July 2022

While the trend of EVs is on the rise, news of Electric Vehicles catching fire is popping up all over the country. More and more people are switching to EVs

By: Admin | 24 July 2022

The idea of electric vehicles has generated a lot of excitement, and it's about doing what's best for you and the environment, not just looking beautiful.

By: Admin | 19 July 2022

The rise in fuel prices has prompted individuals to consider a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly means of transportation.

By: Admin | 14 July 2022

In India and the rest of the planet, pollutants have been steadily rising over the last few decades. Gas effluents and toxins released by billions of automobiles

By: Admin | 09 July 2022

The time has come for electric vehicles (EVs). The availability of alternative fuel for transportation is at an all-time high.

By: Admin | 05 July 2022

Cell phones, computers, power tools, and most importantly for us - electric vehicles are just a few of the battery-powered items that now dominate our lives.

By: Admin | 02 July 2022

Electric vehicles (EVs) are the requirement of the moment. The need for employing diverse fuels for transportation is expanding more than ever.

By: Admin | 29 June 2022

The Indian electric vehicle industry is increasing due to falling product inflation and increased EV usage, followed by rising ecological issues

By: Admin | 25 June 2022

Electric vehicles use a different automotive technology compared to the ones used by conventional cars.

By: Admin | 22 June 2022

The Russian war with Ukraine over the territorial claims has proved to be of great use for EV manufacturers.

By: Admin | 17 June 2022

Recent studies have made this clear that the upcoming technologies will comprise electric vehicles used for transportation purposes.

By: Admin | 13 June 2022

It may seem that electric vehicles are far from mainstream India but the changes recorded in market trends say otherwise.

By: Admin | 10 June 2022

(EVs) are transforming the road transportation industry. Over the last few years, the EV industry has grown at an average rate of 43 percent per year, with a consumption rate of roughly 2.6 ...

By: Admin | 07 June 2022

India has the greatest untapped EV economy in the country, particularly in the two-wheeler segment. The adoption of electric cars has expanded dramatically in recent years, thanks to...

By: Admin | 03 June 2022

The future of transportation is approaching a turning point as now people are switching to EVs as they are the solution for increased fuel prices and environmental issues. The EV industry...

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