Why do EV Batteries Catch Fire?

By: Admin | 29 July 2022

While the trend of EVs is on the rise, news of Electric Vehicles catching fire is popping up all over the country. More and more people are switching to EVs, and they are not regretting their decision. But on the other side, when we hear news about an EV catching fire, we get dicey about shifting to electric vehicles. Electric vehicles are no doubt cost-effective, efficient and long-lasting. But, the consumers are looking at EVs cautiously now.

The battery is the central component of an EV. And the fire breaks out from the battery itself. People have a particular stereotype about the batteries catching fire. It is often said that the fire breaks out due to the heat outside. Some people say that the batteries can’t survive in the Indian Summers, which is not the fact. The batteries in EVs catch fire. It reaches a few hundred degrees Celsius in temperature. The reality is that an EV battery’s temperature could reach 80 degrees Celsius at maximum. This is a myth that EVs can’t survive the Indian Summers. Although, the performance of the battery could get affected due to the outside heat. But, It couldn’t catch fire. However, Cosbike’s EVs’ batteries ensure maximum performance even at the highest degree of temperature.

Short-circuits are one of the main reasons behind EVs catching fire. Short Circuits happen due to -
1. Poor Cell Quality. 2. Poor Battery Design and Assembly. 3. Poor BMS (Battery Management System).

Poor Cell Quality can be a reason for EV batteries catching fire. It may be due to poor manufacturing of the cell. A short circuit happens when both the terminals of the cell get connected inside the cell. If the cell is not of good quality, this can be a common sight.

Not only the poor cell quality affects the battery. A battery assembled or designed poorly could be a major reason for a disaster. It may sound funny that the battery needs to breathe as well, just like a human being. Battery Design, especially the packaging, has a significant impact on safety. A battery tightly packed could be an invitation to the Devil. Indian Roads are not so smooth. With constant jerks and tremors, the battery could get loose and the fire can easily break out.

BMS is very crucial because the whole EV mechanism depends upon it. The Software Systems, Mechanical Systems and Electronics Systems, all of these have to go hand in hand to ensure the proper functioning and safety of the EV battery. When the software of an EV is not properly programmed or the mechanics are not up to the mark, there are chances for the battery catching fire. The batteries of EVs overcharge which causes the Li-ion to get deposited at the Anode (Negative Terminal of the Battery). Over time, it keeps getting accumulated there. When It touches the Cathode (Positive Terminal of the Battery), a short circuit occurs resulting in a fire.

At Cosbike, we take all of these factors into consideration during manufacturing. We ensure that our high-quality batteries are assembled properly. We ensure that our intelligence software is programmed properly and up-to-date. Our EVs go through multiple stages of testing, to ensure that they run longer without keeping you in danger.

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