Why is an electric scooter better than a petrol scooter

By: Admin | 01 Dec 2023

In the busy streets of our Indian cities, where things are always moving, the way we travel every day is super important. As we weave through the crowded roads, it's clear that there's competition between electric scooters and the ones that run on petrol. Let's find out why electric scooters are becoming the heroes of the roads, beating regular petrol scooters. Here are five good reasons why you might think about changing to an electric scooter:

Eco-Friendly Commuting:

In India, we're dealing with some big environmental issues, especially with pollution levels being a worry in many cities. But guess what? Electric scooters are like a breath of fresh air. Unlike regular petrol scooters that let out harmful stuff, electric scooters don't produce any bad emissions. Choosing an electric scooter means you're doing your bit to keep the air cleaner and the environment greener. It's like taking a step toward going green and making sure we leave a healthier planet for the next generation.

Cost-Efficient Riding:

Handling our budget is like a never-ending balancing act for most of us. Now, when it comes to electric scooters, they can change the game in this area. Even though the starting cost might seem a bit higher, the savings you make in the long run are pretty big. Electric scooters don't need as much maintenance because they have fewer parts that move around, and you don't have to get them serviced as often as petrol scooters. Plus, the cost of electricity stays steady, unlike the up-and-down prices of petrol, making your daily commute easier on the wallet and contributing to some serious cost savings.

Silent Cruising:

Picture this: a calm morning ride through the quiet lanes of your neighborhood without the noisy hum of a petrol engine disturbing the peace. Electric scooters operate almost silently, creating a more pleasant and serene commuting experience. This not only benefits the rider but also contributes to a quieter and less chaotic urban environment for everyone.

Government Incentives:

Our Indian government is pushing for electric vehicles to tackle environmental issues and lessen our reliance on fossil fuels. They're giving out cool rewards and benefits to encourage people to choose electric scooters. Whether it's lower GST rates or some financial perks, going electric is a win-win—it's good for nature, and it's kind to your pocket, all thanks to these government schemes.

Ease of Use and Maintenance:

Electric scooters are made to be simple, so taking care of them is a breeze. They have fewer parts that need fixing, making maintenance and repairs easy. There is no need to stress about complicated gear systems or changing engine oil; electric scooters are hassle-free. This simplicity means you get a smooth and user-friendly ride, perfect for both experienced riders and newcomers to scooters. Choosing electric scooters is like taking a step into the future of commuting, where things are more straightforward.


As we welcome electric scooters into our daily commute for a cleaner and more pocket-friendly future in India, Cosbike emerges as a leader in this exciting change. With a focus on new ideas, excellent manufacturing hubs, and a strong presence in India, Cosbike's electric scooters don't just offer an eco-friendly way to travel but also represent the best in reliability and caring for the environment. Choosing a Cosbike means not just choosing a green ride but stepping into a future where electric scooters are not only reliable but also good for our environment.

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