A Guide to Buying an Electric Bike

By: Admin | 09 July 2022

The time has come for electric vehicles (EVs). The availability of alternative fuel for transportation is at an all-time high. Electric vehicles (EVs) are one possibility because they emit no emissions. There is a growing interest in electric two-wheelers in India as the country's drive toward EVs grows louder.

Checklist for Electric Two-Wheeler Purchase:

Before purchasing an electric two-wheeler, be sure to look over the following items:

● The warranty on the battery pack should be checked before finalizing the electric bikes or scooters. As the most costly part of a two-wheeled vehicle, upgrading a rechargeable battery can wreak havoc on your wallet. As a result, always read the warranty policies thoroughly.

● A two-wheeler's output is largely determined by its recharging and distance. To get an accurate idea of how far an electric bike or scooter can go on a single charge, look for real-world reviews rather than official specifications. Some of the most expensive two-wheeled EVs are capable of rapid charging and have a driving range of more than 100 kilometers. So, before purchasing a two-wheeled electric vehicle, make sure to look at these two aspects.

● Batteries Design and Ability: Lithium-ion battery modules are the mainstream technology for electric motorcycles and scooters. Batteries can be removed from high-end electric two-wheelers so they can be recharged wherever you go. In charge of the batteries wherever you wish, a portable charger can be useful.

● As an electric vehicle has no moving parts, it can deliver rapid torque. As the horsepower is immediately delivered to the tires via an electric motor, there is no lag in energy capacity. To get a sense of how well the electrical bike/scooter performs, look over the specs. Verify that the capacity statistics on paper correspond to the actual results by going on a ride. When purchasing an electric scooter or bike, make sure to double-check the KW of motor and rpm ratings to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

● Prerequisites for Licenses and Permits: With just a low-capacity rechargeable battery and motor controller, low-speed e-scooters can only reach a maximum speed of roughly 25 kilometers per hour. To ride these vehicles on public roads, you don't need a driving license or registration. Protection is not required for low-speed electric bikes. A valid driver's license is necessary to drive large voltage two-wheelers, which must be licensed. Regarding high-speed and battery-powered motorbikes, you must also have a current two-wheeler insurance cover.

● Keep an eye out for an electric two-wheeler manufacturer that has a strong after-sales support system in place. Complex electric drive trains are standard on most electric motorcycles and scooters. If something bad happens with your electric bicycle or scooter, you won't be able to get it fixed by your local technician. Any type of repair or routine maintenance must be performed by authorized service centers. So, when deciding on an electric bike or scooter manufacturer, consider this.

Is Electric Bike Coverage Necessary?
Electric two-wheelers, whether high-speed or normal, can be either low-speed or high-speed. Low-speed electric bikes are theoretically exempt from two-wheeler state regulations. All two-wheeled EVs require an actual two-wheeler insurance plan for the normal or high-speed electric two-wheelers. Electric bike/scooter owners have the option of purchasing third-party or complete bike insurance plans.

With all the above-mentioned pointers covered, Cosbike offers you a range of dynamic Electric Scooters which are environment-friendly, cost-effective, and efficient and has longevity.

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