How to Maximise the Battery Life of Your EV ?

By: Admin | 05 July 2022

Cell phones, computers, power tools, and most importantly for us - electric vehicles are just a few of the battery-powered items that now dominate our lives. The majority of these items use lithium-ion batteries. So, at the very least with cell phones, many of us have encountered some degree of battery degeneration. However, electric vehicles are slightly more expensive, and battery capacity losses or the inability to maintain a charge might have a visible effect on your driving habits. Imagine the fuel tank of your gas-powered automobile getting smaller over time. We at Cosbike provide highly optimised batteries that work efficiently and provide longevity to your EV. Still, there are a few parameters you need to take care of, to ensure that the battery stays healthy.

6 Ways to Maximise your EV’s Battery Life

1. Keep Your Vehicle Charged When Ideal
When a EV is left unattended for days when in optimal mode by its owner for any reason, the battery may become subject to harm, similar to a bloated battery pack. It is advised to charge the EV during this period, then switch the MCB to the off position. This is advised since your EV’s controller, dc-to-dc converter, anti-theft alarm system, internal wiring, and battery internal resistance all constantly flow current. Other losses can also result from current leakage and internal resistance.

2. Avoid overloading
Every scooter manufacturer conducts a load test and offers a maximum load recommendation for an electric scooter. The maximum carrying capacity of an electric scooter typically ranges from 100 kg to 200 kg, however it may vary depending on the type. To ensure an appropriate margin of tolerance even if the electric scooter is loaded with a higher weight, the majority of businesses rate it at 150 kg, which is significantly less than what they test.

3. Do Not Overcharge
A battery-powered scooter typically has a range of 50-60 km or so per charge. People who commute everyday at modest distances of 10–20 km should charge their vehicle once every two days. Lead-acid batteries have between 400 and 500 charge and discharge cycles throughout their lifespan, which undoubtedly lengthens the battery life.

4. Maintain Proper Tire Pressure
Maintaining sufficient tyre pressure lowered the current/energy taken by the motor from the battery, giving you undoubtedly some additional range to hook up. Electric vehicles have few moving components, which tend to have little friction created by engines.

5. Avoid Accelerating Suddenly
Remember that you are not driving a gasoline-powered vehicle when operating an electric vehicle. Sudden acceleration puts strain on the battery, which is another crucial consideration.

6. When Parked, Avoid The Exposure to Heat
Parking EVs in high temperatures affects the efficiency and performance of an EV. The temperature heats the inner components of the battery restricting the smooth flow of current inside it. This could be harmful to battery health in the longer run.

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