Electric Vehicles - First Preference For Consumers?

By: Admin | 13 June 2022

It may seem that electric vehicles are far from mainstream India but the changes recorded in market trends say otherwise. According to some sources, the use of electric vehicles has increased a lot over the last three years. Electric vehicles are now becoming the first preference of consumers, this consistent increase in the past few years is majorly due to various policies implemented by the government to encourage electric mobility and reduce vehicular applications.

Why is the government taking steps to encourage the production of electric vehicles?

Electric vehicles possess several benefits that make them a better substitution for conventional vehicles.

The major benefit of using an electric vehicle is that it is cheaper to run and maintain.

The price of the electricity required is around 40% less than the cost of petrol needed for a similar-sized vehicle covering the same distance.

Moreover, EVs are good for human health and the environment. EVs do not contribute to environmental pollution as they run on electricity rather than fossil fuels. Fossil fuels emit greenhouse gases like sulphur dioxide and carbon monoxide that contribute to global warming. EVs do not emit any such greenhouse gases that make them suitable for the environment.

We have listed a few ways in which the government is encouraging the masses to make eco-mobility accessible to the masses.

Government's Contribution
The government has taken several initiatives to promote electric mobility. Central governments and state governments are contributing on their level to enhance electric mobility and reduce vehicular application as much as possible.

Following this, the centre has reduced the GST rate on electric vehicles from 12% to 5%, and the Delhi government has announced its policies to incentivize electric mobility. The government has proposed the exemption of registration fees for lithium-ion battery operated/electric vehicles to promote eco-friendly vehicles. Also, The government has granted an exemption to battery-operated transport vehicles and vehicles that run on methanol and ethanol fuels from the permit requirement.

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