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By: Admin | 16 Aug 2022
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Time and time again, Cosbike has stepped up as a responsible brand and undertaken numerous initiatives to raise customer awareness of the proper use of electric two-wheelers and the potential dangers that could result from improper battery maintenance. Customers are repeatedly given advice on how to properly use batteries to ensure their longevity and prevent accidents.

You may have a lot of concerns, such as:
• I was wondering if I could get a new battery for my electric scooter.
• Where can I get a larger battery for my Cosbike e-scooter?
• Is it possible to overcharge a scooter's battery?
• Does a Cosbike electric scooter need to be charged overnight?

For your convenience, we'll address some of the questions you've asked below.
For a safer EV experience, consider the following Dos and Don'ts when dealing with a lithium-ion battery. The Cosbike electric scooter should only be charged using chargers that are approved by the manufacturer for use with the particular type of li-ion battery it uses. Never try to charge your e-battery scooters with anything other than the official charger.

• Your Li-ion batteries are best kept at room temperature.
To preserve the life of the scooter's li-ion batteries, charging should be avoided for at least an hour after use.

Stop all operations, remove the battery from service, put it in a separate location, and contact a service engineer if it overheats, stinks, or changes shape in any way while being used.

If the Cosbike e-scooter isn't going to be used for more than a month, take the battery out, charge it until it's halfway full (after discharging, use the charger for 1.5 to 2 hours), and then keep it in a cool, dry place (between 5 and 25 degrees Celsius is ideal) where it will need to be charged for one hour every three months.

If you own a Cosbike electric scooter, don't let the detachable battery sit for a long time at a 5% charge. Avoid charging your Cosbike electric scooter's removable battery for more than two to three hours, and never leave it plugged in overnight.

The Cosbike electric scooter requires a 240-watt, 15-amp, 3-pin socket with an earthed connection in order to charge the scooter's detachable battery.

• Power up somewhere with good airflow.
Keep the battery and charger for your Cosbike scooter in a cool, dry place out of the reach of children and pets. Keep it away from any sources of heat or fire, and away from any flammable materials.

Leaving a battery discharged is one of the worst things you can do to it. A battery should be charged no more than three days after it has been removed. Your Cosbike electric scooter's removable battery should be kept dry and charged in a temperature range of 0 to 35 degrees Celsius.

Keep the removable battery out of the sun while charging. Just wipe down the battery of your electric scooter with a damp cloth to clean it. Please refrain from using any harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners. Please do not open the case or short the terminals. You will void your warranty if you attempt to repair it yourself, as there are no serviceable components inside.
• Don't damage the battery by dropping it or throwing it.
• Make sure nothing is soldered directly to the terminals.
• Never use a lead acid charger.

Are there any safeguards that can be taken to ensure that batteries do not get wet?
• A removable battery should not be submerged in liquid.
• The Cosbike electric scooter has a battery inside, so you shouldn't wash it.
• The Cosbike electric vehicle should not be driven in flooded areas. Water can cause a battery to rust, so keep it away from that.
• Although the Cosbike electric scooter's removable battery is water-resistant, it is still best to avoid submerging it.
• If possible, avoid charging in damp environments.
• Notify your dealer and store the Cosbike electric scooter's detachable battery separately if you find any signs of water damage or seepage into the casing.

When it comes to electric vehicles, user awareness is crucial to ensuring that no one is harmed due to ignorance or improper behaviour. We must be safe and recognise that knowledge is strength. Taking these precautions will not only keep you safe but could potentially save someone's life. At Cosbike, we prioritise the happiness and security of our clientele above all else.

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