Impact of Electric Scooters on Women’s Empowerment

By: Admin | 15 Mar 2024
impact of electric scooters on women empowerment

Impact of Electric Scooters on Women’s Empowerment

The whole automotive industry is going through an electric transformation as the world continues to shift to renewable sources of energy and minimize the use of fossil fuels. EVs are not just surrounding the urban population but also helping to reduce air pollution. EVs are supercharging the nation. The latest technology and well-optimized battery, have made it possible to step into reliable and affordable transportation. Electric scooters not only deliver sustainable transportation but also empower women to be involved in job opportunities, breaking the barrier of gender inequality.

Just remember the traditional days when girls were supposed to do only the kitchen work while the boys were free to choose any career. As time goes new things happen and in this era, women are also free to choose any profession and sustain their lives. So, to empower women, electric scooters are playing a big role as they help women to choose different kinds of rides that break the traditional expectation.

Gearless vehicles like electric scooters have made driving easier for women but challenges like skidding, and balancing, persist. However, manufacturers are continuously making potential changes in electric vehicles to offer comfortable, reliable, and affordable transportation.

The new-age futuristic electric scooters are designed to transform the tough riding situation into hassle-free riding. Despite the challenges, let’s understand how electric scooters are empowering women.

How is Electric Scooter Empowering Women?

Logistic & Delivery

Apart from the daily life challenges women are stepping into the delivery and various other industries' business as they have the strength and ability to handle different roles in their life. The representation of women in businesses like delivery is taking a good peek and also businesses are promoting the involvement of women in their business. Furthermore, sustaining the business of delivery and logistics requires reliable and affordable transportation where electric scooters stand with every expectation. Bringing electric scooters into the delivery purpose reduces the cost of transportation as electric scooters fully run on lithium batteries without relying on the huge cost of fossil fuels. Electric scooters are made for both whether it is effortless driving or affordable rides.

Inclusive workforce

Addressing the recent era, women are shifting their gear and diving into the exciting part of job opportunities. Due to the diversification in the industry, they need a diverse range of skilled professionals where the involvement of both men and women fulfills their needs. Women are no longer in the back seat of men, they are also taking the riding handle, breaking the traditional stereotypes. Electric scooters are nourishing the trend of gender equality by offering safe, comfortable, and affordable vehicles to drive innovation and progress.


Electrification in vehicles has brought significant development to women's empowerment grabbing the potential to transform the traditional landscape. According to the stats, around 25% of women are already using electric scooters for their income and growth. To continue and promote the growth of women Cosbike offers the best electric scooters in India with a longer range and durability. Cosbike offers a double battery option in the vehicles to eliminate the range anxiety of users. Furthermore, Cosbike is the leading manufacturer of 2-wheeler electric vehicles offering a safe and comfortable ride.

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