How to Prevent Fires in Electric Vehicles?

By: Admin | 22 Aug 2022
Electric Vehicles

A lot of fires are being blamed on the use of electric scooters. Like any other electrical appliance, these are also subject to failure and overheating. If you own an electric scooter or e-bike in India, this article will tell you what to do if your EV catches fire. Advice on how to avoid them is provided in the feature.

Can electric scooter fires be prevented?
According to auto experts and fire experts, the most common causes of fires involving electric scooters and electric bicycles are overloading, blackouts, and structural failure or pressure on the lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. Elements like lithium, cobalt, and nickel—the building blocks of these batteries—are all highly flammable.

Manufacturers have been urged by the union government to start looking for solutions immediately. A manufacturer claims that the battery's built-in Battery Management System is essential for resolving such problems.

• Perform routine checks on your e-scooter, or have authorised service performed on it.
• Keep your electric scooter out of direct sunlight and out of the rain.
• Caution should be taken when replacing the rechargeable battery.
• In extreme heat, it's best to take it easy on your e-scooter or e-bike and stick to the standard mode.
• To extend the life of the battery, you should only charge your e-scooter or e-bike at night, and you should never leave it charging overnight.
• The batteries in your e-scooter should be allowed to cool to room temperature before you plug it in to start charging it.
• Unauthorized chargers should not be used to charge the electric scooter's batteries.
• When charging, keep your electric scooter or bike away from fire hazards.

Here are some important questions to ponder when keeping your electric scooter in top shape while riding it around India.

Can you use water to clean an electric bicycle or scooter?
"No There are a lot of delicate parts in these e-vehicles that aren't properly sealed off from the elements and chemicals. In other words, you shouldn't wash your e-scooter with water. A fresh, damp towel will do the trick, though. Cleaning the charging scooter with salt water is not recommended.

When not in use, where should I leave my electric scooter?
It's important to keep your electric scooter away from any flammable materials and in a clean, dry place when it's not in use. Don't spend all night with your electric bike plugged in and idling in the parking lot. Do not leave them in the hot sun. It's best to park under a tree if you have to leave your scooter on the road.

What to know before going out on an e-scooter?
Make sure the e-scooter is in good working order before using it for transportation. Look for flaws and unusual behaviour. Brake and tyre pressure should both be checked. Be sure to test the siren and the front and rear lights.

Is it legal to have a passenger on your electric scooter while you ride?
Yes. Sharing an e-scooter is perfectly fine in India. But remember that you shouldn't put more than two people on your e-bikes at a time.

When it comes to battery and vehicle maintenance, how often should you get them done?
Inspecting the Lithium Battery of an EV and the scooter itself once every two to three months is a must for older electric scooters. If your battery scooter starts acting strange, like getting less gas mileage than usual or overheating, you should take it to a professional mechanic immediately. At Cosbike, each of our vehicles is made with the latest technology. We also provide insurance against fires and other accidents.

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