Adopt green technology. Adopt E-Bikes.

By: Admin | 19 Sept 2022
Electric Vehicles

Cosbike's is predicated on a commitment to renewable energy, and so being environmentally conscious is important to all that we do as a company. Our ebikes contribute to a more sustainable world by:

• reduce traffic and, as a result, pollution.
• Reduce your reliance on gasoline;
• cut back on carbon emissions.

By developing electric bikes, we aim to create a world without miles-long traffic congestion, CO2-affected pollution levels, or any gas-related medical conditions.
You can participate in this future by making the switch to electric vehicles and going green.

How does using an electric bike affect you?
Electric bikes can enhance your quality of life in a variety of ways. Let us examine how different your life will be if you purchase a Cosbike eBike.

Greater Freedom
To begin with, an eBike gives you a practical way to go to work each day quickly and effectively. Once a one-hour commute because of traffic, you may now complete it in twenty to thirty minutes.

You can travel farther and faster on an eBike, whether you're taking a leisurely ride through the city to work or taking a trip out to the country to see your friends. Whichever case, you'll appreciate the freedom of travelling where you like without worrying about where the congestion is.

Save cash
With your bike, you'll make significant financial savings! It starts out being significantly less expensive than a new vehicle. However, the average annual cost of charging an electric bike is less than the price of a petrol refill. Considering the present cost of gas, purchasing an electric vehicle is a wise decision.

Maintenance is also far more affordable compared to that of a car, saving you a significant amount of money. The engine or battery will cost the most to fix, although electric motors seldom fail and Li-Ion batteries may withstand hundreds of recharging cycles before showing signs of wear.

Speaking of saving money, you will probably also be able to avoid purchasing motor insurance, which is pricey. In conclusion, you win since servicing is inexpensive, recharging is inexpensive, and coverage is generally not necessary.

You will be fitter.
We would be negligent if we didn't point out that going electric has another perk: exercise. Your eBike becomes a comprehensive fitness tracker when you decide to disengage the pedal-assist or throttle driving modes. Activate the pedal assistance option to make the exercise simpler and less strenuous. Instead of having to push to get around, you may switch to the "throttle function" and cruise around on your bike while taking in the scenery.

How do electric bikes affect the environment?
Our generation is particularly concerned with limiting the effects of global warming by reducing emissions. Food chains are upset and flood waters rise as a result of the earth's becoming hotter as a result of our CO2 emissions. What is one of the biggest sources of carbon emissions? It is a basic gas-powered vehicle.

Unlike other forms of transportation, the electricity required to power an electric bike is quite low, and it may be generated using green energy. Thus, by merely changing to electric two-wheelers, we may save a significant amount of CO2.

An environmentally friendly and sustainable tomorrow is something we wish to contribute to. The advent of electric bikes brings this utopian future that much closer.

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