The components that support the functioning of an electric vehicle

By: Admin | 25 June 2022

Electric vehicles use a different automotive technology compared to the ones used by conventional cars. The recent shift towards cleaner vehicles has led to an increase in the usage of electric vehicles. Still, it has also increased the doubts in customers' minds related to the longevity and productivity of an EV.

The performance of an electric vehicle heavily depends on its motors and battery pack. An EVs longevity depends upon four major components that form 75% proportion of an EV :
-Battery Life

Battery Life
A battery is the power source of an electric vehicle. It is the energy carrier that drives the motor, the voltage of the electric vehicle battery determines the working voltage of an electric car. The battery capacity of an electric vehicle is directly proportional to the distance it will cover in complete charge.

Lithium-ion batteries are commonly used in electric vehicles and are mainly composed of electric vehicle battery shells,positive plates,negative plates,separators,electrolytes,terminals,sealants,safety valves,and other components.

EV manufacturers mainly use two types of motors in electric vehicles: DC motor and AC motor. Usually, an electric vehicle equipped with AC motors lets the electric vehicle run more smoothly in rough terrains and offers better acceleration. Although AC motors are expensive as compared to DC motors, electric manufacturers use this motor for better functioning of electric vehicles in the long-run.

An EV controller is a device that improves the performance of an electric motor and is used to regulate the torque generated by the engine of an electric vehicle. It modifies the energy flow from power sources to the motor. These controllers can include an automatic or manual means for starting or stopping the engine. It can choose forward or reverse rotation, select and control the speed, and modify or limit the torque of the EV motor.

The EV charger is the power source of an EV that supplies and completes the energy requirement of an electric vehicle for functioning. It is the equivalent of a gas pump for an EV, and instead of using gasoline to power the car's engine, you use a charger. EV chargers–often also called EVSE which stands for Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment– come in different shapes and sizes.

The functioning of these components supports the working of an EV and makes them a reliable choice for consumers having a doubt related to their productivity in the long run. One more factor you should consider while purchasing an EV is the battery ownership of the vehicle. We have stated earlier that the battery is the power source of an EV. Whether or not the company is taking ownership of the battery can say a lot about the functioning of that electric vehicle. Cosbike is one such brand that takes complete battery ownership rather than sourcing the batteries from somewhere else; they manufacture the battery in association with Coslight Pvt Ltd.

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